Fifth International Conference
"Agricultural Investments - 2012"
November 8, 2012 Kiev, "President-Hotel"
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4th International Conference
“Agricultural Investments - Inputs 2011”


November 16, 2011    Kiev, "President-Hotel"

Topic of the Conference: Investments: Global demand – local supply


The Conference is aimed to discuss the following hot topics:

  •  Price forecasts (market outlook) for key agricultural commodities in Ukraine: grain, oilseeds, animal products
  •  Investments in the agricultural sector of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan
  •  New tax code and agricultural production
  •  Lifting the farmland sale moratorium: impact on lending to agricultural sector
  •  Seed and plant protection markets in Ukraine 
  •  Financing of agricultural production
  •  Crops cultivation on a contract - a new tool for financing production?
  •  Cooperation as a reliable way to get loans
  •  Margin and profit appropriation in a vertically organized enterprise
  •  Mergers and takeovers in Ukraine’s agricultural sector, 2008-2011
  •  Alternatives in financing the agricultural sector
  •  Commodity market fluctuation: what degree of the food security is ensured

 Markets of the following countries will be considered:

The analysis of the commodity markets of the Black Sea region countries – Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan – in the context of global trends will allow to further enrich the arsenal of tools used in your business practice.

Agricultural Investments. Inputs