Fifth International Conference
"Agricultural Investments - 2012"
November 8, 2012 Kiev, "President-Hotel"
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Exclusive financial sponsor
The Second International Conference
“Inputs Market: the key development driver of Agrarian Sector”
December 02, 2009 “President-Hotel”, Kiev, Ukraine

Conference goals:
To discuss the global problems of the ag sector, to make forecasts of recovery of crediting and investments in agrarian production, to discuss the inputs market trends, to create opportunities for large agrarian holding to network with inputs suppliers (crop protection, seeds, fertilizers, machinery and equipment), to promote larger efficiency of the market operators’ strategies.


Markets to be discussed:
Analysis of not only Ukrainian but Russian, Belarusian and Kazakh inputs’ markets will enlarge the number of instruments which you can use in your business practices.


The Conference will cover the following markets:

  •   crop protection,
  •   seeds,
  •   fertilizers,
  •   machinery and equipment,
  •   grain and oil crops 


Topics to be discussed:

  •   The 2009 grain and oil crops production, the influence of financial crisis on the Ag Sector in 2009
  •   Machinery and equipment, seeds and crop protection market capacity, forecast for 2009-2011
  •   Did the share of cheap and fake crop protecting agents increased in 2009?
  •   Reduction of the demand for the certified seeds: how serious is this problem?
  •   Ag Sector crediting: is it possible to tell when the money inflow to the sector will growth seriously?
  •   How much was the role of commodity credits from traders and distributors in 2009?
  •   How long will the farmers manage to finance the production from their own asssets?
  •   Export potential in 2009/10 season and farmers' revenues
  •   Crop production margins and seeded acreage structure in 2010


Assistance in organization of International Conference “Inputs Market: the key development driver of Agrarian Sector” by company “Bayer” has already become traditional.

Leading suppliers and distributors of seeds, crop protecting agents, machinery and equipment, holding companies, banks and insurance companies took part in the conference “Inputs-2008”.

More than 150 representatives from 110 international and Ukrainian companies participated in “Inputs-2008” Conference.


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